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Welcome to Bodvár- House of Rosés

The World's Only Truly Focused Rosé Wine House

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Pursuit of Excellence

Bodvár - House of Rosés is today one of the most highly appreciated rosé wines.

Our rosé wines are enjoyed by everyone from wine masters to novices. Distinguished by their excellent tasting notes.


Every glass of Bodvár is an experience for the customer, from the elegant opening of the bottle to the pouring of the wine. We continually challenge ourselves to produce the greatest rosé wines. 


Our heritage is our craftsmanship and knowledge based on the enjoyable rosé wine lifestyle, but our ambition goes way beyond rosé wine. We offer products and tools that provide an extended experience to your rosé glass. Our products are as natural at the beach, in the restaurant, at home as
they are on the sea.

About our Rosés

Our rosé brings people together and is made to be enjoyed with loved ones.

Bodvár is not just a glass of wine, it serves a story. Bodvár is spontaneity, well-being, freshness and individual freedom, poured into a single glass.


The Bodvár Toast

The Bodvár Rosé toast is our signature and goes back generations in the family.
It’s about being surrounded by people you love!
-  Lower your glass to your third shirt button.
-  Meet everyone around the table with your eyes.
-  Take a sip.
-  Lower your glass to your third
shirt button.
-  Thank everyone for the toast by looking
around the table.
-  Place your glass on the table.

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