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Bodvar Hafström

Bodvar Hafström is now a name that is synonymous with rosé wine. He is the founder of Bodvár House of Rosés, a premium brand that is dedicated to producing some of the finest rosé wines in the world. He has a keen sense of taste and an unwavering passion for the lifestyle enabled by a beautiful rosé wine.

Born and raised in Sweden, Bodvar Hafström began his career in marketing for global brands and celebrity endorsements, working for some of the world’s top brands. However, he always had a deep love and appreciation for rosé wine, and he eventually decided to pursue the family heritage and his passion for winemaking.

House of Rosés
Est. 2006

House of Rosés
Est. 2006

After years of research in France, Bodvar Hafström found the right partners and Bodvar House of Rosés was born in 2006. The mission was to create a vibrant, premium rosé brand that would embody the elegant and spontaneous lifestyle of romance in wine.

Bodvar’s attention to detail is apparent in every bottle of Bodvar Rosé. He personally chose the best winemakers of Provence, where the rosé wines are made. Together with the winemakers, he uses a unique blending process to create the perfect recipe and flavor profile.

The result is a range of five exquisite rosé wines that are a true testament to Bodvar’s sense of taste.

Exceptional Quality
& Distinctive Style

Exceptional Quality and Distinctive Style

Today, Bodvár – House of Rosés is a global brand renowned for its exceptional quality and distinctive style. Bodvar’s vision and dedication to producing the finest rosé wines in the world have made him a true icon in the wine industry.

His passion and unwavering dedication to producing the finest wines have made Bodvár a name synonymous with premium rosé wines and everyday luxury.

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